April 13th, 2009

Underground, Cuba

Feingold Message to Obama on Somalia

"Just as you have personally become engaged in the problem of piracy off Somalia's coast, it is essential that you personally engage in US efforts to address its origins on land."

"As a first step, I urge you to call President Sheik Sharif and indicate a clear commitment to work with his government not only on maritime insecurity issues, but also to help establish security and functional, inclusive governance within the country."

"I urge you to seize this opportunity, and stand ready to support and work with you on a comprehensive strategy that can help bring stability to this region."

"If we do not take this critical step, we will continue to see Somalia's historic instability manifest itself in piracy and growing extremism, both of which pose serious security threats in the region and around the globe."

In other news, Marilyn Chambers is dead.