April 12th, 2009

Underground, Cuba

Evan Bayh, Zombie Jesus Day

Evan Bayh: "Some action in the crisis was called for, that's in the short run. In the long run though we've got to start unwinding some of these things. We don't want the government in the business of owning our banks. We don't want the government intruding any more than it has to in the private sector so we've got to start reversing some of this once the momentum is in the economy to grow the economy once again to stabilize situations and I do agree with Tom, when it comes to health care we don't want "socialized medicine," but there is an appropriate role for government to expand coverage, to make it more affordable for people who don't have the means and that actually enables to meet the challenges...."

I was just saying a couple nights ago that Bayh is a douche. Here he's being a borderline douche. Not quite saying anything wrong, but pooh-poohing the government involvement in banks and health care... which, really, is precisely the answer.
Underground, Cuba


"President Barack Obama is ordering the release of nearly a quarter of a million pages of records from the Reagan White House that were kept from the public during a lengthy review by President George W. Bush."

Good. Hope we learn something.