January 31st, 2009

Underground, Cuba


Michael Steele as GOP Chairman. Does this seem as obviously staged to you as it does to me? I mean, in all fairness, he was the most notable guy running, but the timing seems suspect.

As for President Obama, multiple people have asked me how I felt about his first week (and a half). Well, he's already engaged in war crimes in Pakistan, so that's pretty shitty (but expected). Beyond that, I'm actually impressed. I really expected to be let down day after day, but he's nailing it.

Closing Gitmo, closing black sites, ending torture, pushing a stimulus bill (that I don't really favor but his intentions are good), signing the Lily Ledbetter Act, possibly getting the Senate 60 Democrats, evading the Blago controversy... appearing on Arab TV, reversing the secretive presidential records executive order... etc. This has been an amazing week.

Now, I need him to reduce his military tactics in Pakistan and elsewhere, and be more open to the idea of prosecuting his predecessors. Then he's the greatest president since Carter... and even now, he's making the effort.

I really want to hate him, but I just can't.